How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Hi friends, here i show you a new and precious blog How Delete Facebook Account Permanently . Today In social media world facebook is king of all social media app it has billions of users . Many people use facebook but they not know how to delete facebook account but don’t worry i am here for your help. I guide you not deactivate but delete permanently your facebook account. So if you decide to delete then follow steps –

Difference Between Deactivating Facebook And Deleting Permanently

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  • 1 Difference Between Deactivating Facebook And Deleting Permanently
  • 2 How to Delete your Facebook account Permanently –
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If you think that deactivating and deleting permanently both are same you think wrong. Their are many difference between both options, main difference is that deactivating facebook account is recoverable means if your facebook account disabled then after some time when you want you recover it and use it but if you delete your accountpermanently then you have no option to recover it because after deleting facebook account your data will delete from facebook database permanently so you lost all your data like chat, friends etc. But facebook give you 15 days to restore your account, if your mind changes then you recover it as original account but only under 15 days after it your account deleted permanently.

How to Delete your Facebook account Permanently –

Now we learn how to delete Facebook permanently but before it you take backup if you want, its your choice.

  • First log in your Facebook account
  • Go to help option
  • In search box type delete
  • then choose first option, now you will go another window you see there ‘Let Us Know’ click on it
  • After it click on ‘Delete my account‘ and enter your password in another window.
  • Now don’t login facebook in next 15 days to delete it permanently.


  • If you login during 15 days your deletetion cancelled.
  • After Delete facebook account (after 15 days of proccess) you can not restore any thing from your account
  • If you deactivate your facebook account you can restore all things any time

Final Words- In this blog i show you the method  how to delete my facebook account right now permanently. This way you can do it easily, it is the best trick. If you suffer any problem in this process please comment to me. Thank’s for visiting, Please subscribe for more updates

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